Have you been spinning your wheels with clean eating and exercise? Do you feel as though you’ve hit a plateau in your health and fitness goals?

If you’re at a point in your health and fitness journey where you’d like to lose some fat, and the idea of tracking macros sounds appealing to you, then I recommend my 6 Week Fat Loss Cycle program! The right balance of macros and nutrients is essential to properly fuel our bodies. When we pair our eating with our workouts and lift heavy, we will see strength gains, decrease in fat, and increased energy levels. This incredibly effective virtual training program will provide you with several weeks worth of workouts and a nutrition plan to get you the best results possible. You will gain invaluable knowledge and education about nutrition, macronutrients, and how to properly fuel your body to feel and look your best.

NOTE: If the idea of tracking macros could potentially put you at a mentally unhealthy place and/or you don’t feel like this would be a good fit for you, I’d encourage you to check out my Radiate Wellness Program.  

here's how it works:

  • Six weeks of workouts

  • You will learn about nutrition, macronutrients, and carb cycling

  • A carb cycling schedule will be provided to help you fuel your body and get results in the most efficient way possible

  • You will have their own unique calorie and macro counts based on their personal goals and stats

  • A sample meal plan, healthy recipe ideas, and a healthy foods grocery list will be available to you

  • You will follow 5-6 workouts per week, all of which will be provided via a PDF document and will be linked to how-to exercise videos

  • A gym workout version and at-home workout version are available

  • Workouts and exercises all have options for modifications

I am not currently leading any group sessions for this program, but you can purchase the program at a lower cost to do independently.

Cost: $79

Purchase HERE!